Salat Course, Kosovo


In accordance with Huzoor’saa directives, during February, Kosovo Jamaat organised a Salat course in their three local Jamaat centres.  

Members of the Jamaat were taught the split-word translation of the Arabic wording of Salat in the centres of Peja, Mitrovice and Prishtina, by Shkelqim Bytyqi, the local Mualim.


Not only did Ahmadis derive benefit from this initiative, but non-Ahmadi guests also participated. 

Every session commenced with a presentation, followed by participants repeating the wording. Thus, members were able to practice and memorise the Salat pronunciation and its meaning, the aspect that was given most emphasis. 

The attendance in each centre was good and most of the local Ahmadis were present. 


Picnic after the Salat Course

The course lasted five weeks after which a picnic was arranged for the participants in the mountain range of Brezovica. Brezovica is a settlement in Kosovo, known for its ski resort. The picnic was held as a conclusion for the members who attended the entire course. The event took place 2000 meters above sea-level, South-West of Kosovo. There they had the honour to call the Adhan and also offered Salat there.

The course sessions, followed by the picnic, were a success. During the picnic, the local Ahmadis used the opportunity to talk about the importance of prayer and why, without prayer, religion is meaningless. This was also a source of encouragement for future courses that are intended for members, in order to increase religious knowledge. 

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