School children visit Mahdi Mosque in Jamaica


Tariq Azeem, Jamaica Correspondent

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On 23 October, a group of students from Cedar Grove Academy of Portmore, visited the Mahdi Mosque in Old Harbour, Jamaica.

Misbah Anmol Tariq Sahiba reports that the students were welcomed by Missionary in-Charge, Tariq Azeem Sahib and were given a brief introduction of the mosque.

Tariq Sahib expounded upon the purpose of a mosque, while explaining the significance of architectural features, such as the minaret and the dome.

This was followed by a presentation by Ibrahim Forson Sahib who is also a missionary. During this presentation, students learned about the basics of Islam in a very simplified, yet an appealing manner. Examples were given from Jamaican culture to help children understand some of the basic Islamic teachings.

After this, Misbah Anmol Tariq Sahiba had the honour of delivering a presentation on “Women in Islam” where emphasis was given on the rights of women established by Islam over 1400 years ago. The purpose and philosophy behind the veil was also given.

Thereafter, a question and answer session was held. Afterwards, one student presented a vote of thanks on behalf of her class and appreciated the presenters. Students then enjoyed snacks provided by the Jamaat and left the mosque with smiles on their faces.

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