Seeking divine pleasure in every endeavor


“There is no certainty about death. […] Understand that your creation by God Almighty is purposed towards His worship and devotion. The world should not be your primary goal. I repeatedly emphasise this point because, in my view, this is the sole reason for human existence, yet it is what humanity is most heedless of. I do not advocate abandoning worldly engagements or isolating yourself from your wife and children in a jungle or mountain. Islam does not permit such asceticism; it is not in line with Islamic teachings. Islam aims to make a person active, alert, and prepared. Therefore, I advise engaging in your businesses with effort and perseverance. It is mentioned in Hadith that one who owns land and neglects its cultivation will be held accountable. So, if anyone interprets [what I have said] as a directive to abandon worldly affairs, they are mistaken. The essence is that in all your undertakings, seek God Almighty’s pleasure, and do not prioritise your desires or emotions over His command.”

(Al Hakam, 10 August 1901, p. 2)

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