Sri Lanka: Ahmadi Muslims celebrate Independence Day


A Abdul Aziz, Sri Lanka Correspondent

“It is the duty of every Ahmadi Muslim to profess love to his chosen country. Each Ahmadi Muslim has an obligation towards working for a better future for his country and his fellow citizens.” (Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa)

Sri Lanka celebrated its 73rd Independence Day on 4 February 2021, to commemorate its internal political independence from British rule on 4 February 1948.

To mark the event, Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Pasyala, Polonnaruwa and Negombo arranged the national flag hoisting ceremony at their respective premises.


The missionary of Pasyala, Akram Sahib, in his address, put forward the details about the history of independence. He added that we, Ahmadi Muslims, obey the law of the land, respect the country and love our motherland.

In Negombo, a missionary Tahir Ahmad Sahib hoisted the national flag, followed by silent prayer. In his brief address to the local media, he said that by the grace of Allah, citizens of this country celebrate its Independence, so we also – while hoisting the flag – pray for the welfare of the country. 

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