Crisis, Harmony & Faith – The Week in Review

The Economist commented earlier this week that “care for migrants is changing the world of religion”. 

Security Without Health and Education?

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V a.a, has on many occasions drawn the attention of state leaders towards the fact that everything else comes second; what comes first is the wellbeing of the human population of the world.

21 Lessons for the 21st Century

It is a peculiar place we find ourselves in as we step into a future of unchartered territory.

An Ironic World It Is – The Pope, Taliban and Facebook

It was interesting to see the Pope celebrate the Eucharist, along with around 100,000 Christian pilgrims in Abu Dhabi – an emirate of the birthplace of Islam.

Internet and Social Media Addiction

A lot has changed since technology engulfed the world. Before this, not everyone had access or means to afford sophisticated gadgets and internet connections, but now, everyone, including young children, seems to be fascinated with them

A Glance From East to West

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May has revealed another plan – plan B – which is in fact quite similar to the previous plan A. 

Democratic Gridlock

Modern day politics seems to be taking unprecedented courses. Nations that hold democracy to be their flagship seem to be struggling to uphold this claim.

Is the Past Our Future?

Man’s cognisance is yearning to move back towards the peaceful and serene environment of the past, away from the technomania of modern times. 

Climate of Protests

During the week, news reports could be heard and read regarding the rising challenge of religious intolerance and the associated extremism, the latter being a natural consequence. Such conditions, wherever they exist, are an outcome of prejudice, bias and vested interests for religious freedom and democracy are very closely connected, both fortifying one another.

Life with Hashtags

Hashtags are so heavily ingrained in social media that they seem to many – especially the younger generation – as an invention of Twitter.

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