“Those who place their trust in God Almighty and turn towards Him never experience defeat. Individuals who solely depend on their own endeavours can expect nothing but disgrace. From the dawn of creation, it has been God’s divine pattern that those who forsake worldly pursuits gain nearness to Him, while those who ardently chase them remain deprived. Even if people who lack a bond with God Almighty momentarily succeed through deception, their accomplishments are in vain, for they are destined to face profound disappointment eventually. In Islam, the truly eminent individuals were those who prioritised faith over worldly concerns. In India, Qutubuddin and Muinuddin emerged as God’s saints [ʾawliyāʾ], displaying little regard for worldly matters when weighed against their faith. These individuals worshipped God Almighty in obscurity, yet He magnified their esteem.”

(Badr, Vol. 8, August 1907; Malfuzat [1988], Vol. 5, p. 248)

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