What is the importance of team building and leadership skills for Jamaat Ahmadiyya office-bearers?


During the virtual mulaqat of the national majlis-e-amila of Lajna Imaillah Australia with Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih Vaa, which was held on 19 December 2020, while answering a question, Huzooraa stated with regard to working as a team and the significance of training others: 

“To simply work or even work well on your own is not representative of genuine achievement or excellence. Of course, if you work well yourself and submit excellent reports, this is a personal quality of yours and is a good thing. However, if you have not developed a team alongside this or have not trained your second line to continue the work after you, then it means that you have actually not achieved anything at all. The real aim is not to work independently; rather, the objective is to build a team and a second line so that when you are older, and I am not saying that you are already old, but when you become older, then at least there will be others who will be able to assume the duties and carry on the work. Therefore, all the Lajna secretaries who are sitting here should not think that they are only 35, 40, 45, or 50 years of age. They should prepare a second line regardless [of their age]. Moreover, the sadr of Lajna should instil this spirit of work amongst all the different majalis in her country and should advise their secretaries and presidents to do the same, so that you continue to find members who can carry on the work and also understand the system. When someone is entrusted with any task, they are able to fulfil it one way or the other. You have the various constitutions and the rules & regulations [with the help of which] you will be able to accomplish the tasks. That is not the issue. However, if one is already part of the system, then one will be able to discharge that duty or that responsibility in a better way whenever it is entrusted to them.”

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