Thailand Book Fair


Thailand’s 46th National Book Fair and 16th Bangkok International Book Fair 2018

Uung Kurnia, Thailand


The Book Fair was officially inaugurated by Her Royal Highness, Princess Sirindhorn on 29 March at Queen Sirikit Convention Hall Bangkok. The Book Fair ran from 29 March to 8 April and was open for the public.

Along with a number of books, Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Thailand displayed a wide collection of translations of the Holy Quran published by the Jamaat.

The true message of Islam was also conveyed with the help of roll-up banners, pamphlets, videos and one-on-one interaction throughout the fair. Visitors showed great interest in understanding Islam and asked questions on contemporary issues, which were answered by a team of Ahmadi Muslim volunteers. 


The book World Crisis and Pathway to Peace – a collection of speeches delivered by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadas was offered to the visitors. Visitors also showed interest in certain books of the Promised Messiahas

Other books that were show-cased covered subjects such as science, world peace, socio-economic peace, interfaith harmony and cooperation, true concept of Jihad, universality of prophethood, justice and women in Islam. 

It is estimated that the message of Islam Ahmadiyya reached thousands people in Thailand during the ten days. 

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