Thailand’s Annual Jalsa


Last Updated on 15th March 2019


Jalsa Salana Thailand


Jamaat Ahmadiyya Thailand successfully held their 17th Jalsa Salana on 9-10 March. 627 Ahmadis attended, of which 27 guests attended from Indonesia. 

The Jalsa was inaugurated in the Bangkok Mission House, after the Jumu’ah prayers, whereas the Jalsa commenced later at the Manhattan Hotel, Bangkok. 

The formal opening of Jalsa Salana was held on 10 March. This day comprised of two sessions, pre-lunch and post-lunch sessions. In total, 13 speeches were delivered on a variety of topics, such as Wasiyyat, Khilafat, taqwa, family life, the Holy Quran, social manners and the need for the Imam. 

The Jalsa came to an end with the concluding remarks of the National President, followed by prayer. 

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