“The Caliph loves you, and the entire world knows”: A poem in memory of Syed Taalay Ahmed


Rehman Nasir, Mohtamim Sehat-e-Jismani, MKA USA

Syed Taalay Ahmed wrote a heartfelt and beautiful poem about his love for Khilafat. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa referred to this poem in his Friday Sermon on Taalay. Though I did not know Taalay personally, like Ahmadis across the world, the more I heard about him, the more I fell in love with him and was inspired. 

In a humble effort, I respond to Taalay and the poem he composed through a poem. Given below is the original poem by Syed Taalay Ahmed and then the response. 

Syed Taalay’s heartfelt poem about his love for the Khalifa

“I love my Caliph more than the others

“They only love, I’m only his lover

“They crawl to his hand from far icy coasts 

“A wonderful host, supported by hosts

“As mountains migrate for prophets and kings

“When heaven comes near they see him and sing

“My silence might grate but I love him more

“Whole with holiness as my soothed soul soars

“When they see his face they weep and they cry

“My heart beats to tears by my eyes are dry

“But by God’s promise I’m able to boast

“I swear I can prove I love him the most

“They truthfully tell, disclosing their love

“Humble, he blushes, embarrassed enough

“For his weary ears, here surely prefer

Durood and takbirsAllahu Akbar!

“So their cue of lovers ends at this line

“I keep my secret for his sake, not mine

“The lamp in my night, forever aglow

“I love my Caliph, but he’ll never know”

Response to Taalay

“You loved the Caliph more than the others

“In a sea of lovers, you were the truest lover

“We run to his hands from far off coasts

“As we are hosted by some wonderful hosts

“We show up to chant and sing our naaray

“But our love could never compare to Pyarey Taalay

“Your silence roared, that you love him more

“We are all witnesses as your soothed soul soars

“When we hear your name, we weep and we cry,

Pyarey Taalay, when we see how high you fly

“You fulfilled your promise, now you’re able to boast

“You proved to the entire world, you love him the most

“With mere words is what we express our love

“You showed us that this is not nearly enough

“To live every moment in obedience is preferred

“To know the true meaning of the words, Allahu Akbar

“O Taalay, your love for your Caliph was so sublime

“That your secret will be known for the rest of time

“Like a lamp in the night forever aglow

“The Caliph loves you, and the entire world knows”

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  1. MashAllah beautiful poems.. my eyes are in tears. May Allah grant our beloved brother Syed Taalay Ahmed Shaheed a high place in Jannah. Ameen ya Rabbul Alamien.


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