The excellence of a miracle


The excellence and grounds for a miracle is that it takes every aspect into consideration. It ought to maintain eloquence and articulacy but preserve truth and wisdom as well. This miracle is specific to the Holy Quran alone, which shines like the sun and which possesses a miraculous power in every sense. The Quran is not composed of mere words and expressions like the Gospel, which states that one ought to turn the cheek aft er being struck on the first. This does not consider or take into account whether such a teaching brings about wise action and whether it accords with man’s nature.

In comparison, if one reads the teachings of the Quran, it becomes clear that the human mind does not have the power to address all issues, and a complete and flawless teaching of such nature can neither be the result of the human intellect, nor the product of the human brain. If there were a thousand people in need before us, and we were to provide for one or two, would this be deemed sufficient? In a similar manner, the Gospel focuses on a single aspect and has not given the least consideration to other situations. For this, we do not blame the Gospel, rather, this was on account of the evil deeds of the Jews. The Gospel was sent down in accordance with their capacity. As the proverb goes: “The soul determines the sort of angels that accompany it.” How can anyone else be blamed?

(Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, Malfuzat, Vol. 1, p. 82)

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