The Foundations of Jalsa Salana Laid by the Promised Messiah a.s.


Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad a.s.


An announcement of the Promised Messiahas published in The Heavenly Decree in 1891 in which he lays out the essence of Jalsa, its objective and the benefits that his Community can derive by attending this gathering.

All sincere individuals who have entered the fold of Bai‘at with me should remember that the purpose of Bai‘at is to neutralise the love for worldliness  and to allow the love for the Exalted Lord and the beloved Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, to dominate the heart; to create such a condition of indifference [to this life] so that the journey to the Hereafter is not detested. 

However, to achieve this objective, it is important to stay in my company and to spend part of one’s life in this endeavour, so that, if God wills, by witnessing an incontrovertible argument, frailty, weakness and laziness be removed, and after experiencing perfect certainty, fervour, eagerness and keen love be imbued. So, for this matter, continuous mindfulness should exist that God enables this to happen, and until such a situation does not arise, an individual should occasionally meet me. 

If, after entering the fold of Bai‘at, an individual does not care to meet me, such a Bai‘at shall be without blessings and a mere ritual. And since it is difficult for everyone to spend time in my company or endure hardships in this way a few times a year due to weakness of nature, lack of means or lengthy distances; since most do not yet contain such enthusiasm to accept difficulty and hardship for the sake of meeting me, hence, it seems appropriate to appoint three days a year for this Jalsa, in which all sincere individuals – if God wills and if health, resources and lack of any major hindrance permits – can visit on the allocated dates. So in my view, it is better that such a date be fixed as 27 December to 29 December. 

This means that after today – 30 December 1891 – if 27 December comes again in our lifetime, then our friends should visit on this date solely for the sake of Allah, to listen to heavenly discourses and to participate in prayer to their utmost ability. The voicing of such truths and verities will be the occupation of this Jalsa which are important for the progress of belief, certainty and enlightenment. Special prayers and attention will be directed towards such friends and [we will endeavour and hope] that the most Merciful Lord, God Almighty draws them to Himself, accepts them and grants them a pure change. 

One immediate benefit of this Jalsa shall be that the many friends that join this Jamaat in each new year shall, by attending on the appointed dates, get to meet their brethren, and after gaining familiarity [with them], such a relationship and acquaintance will progress. Also, anybody who passes away during the year from this temporary abode, a prayer for their forgiveness shall be made at this Jalsa, and it shall be endeavoured to spiritually unite all brethren and to remove disassociation, unfamiliarity and hypocrisy from among them, if the Most Merciful Lord wishes. 

In this spiritual undertaking there shall be many more spiritual benefits which shall, if the Omnipotent God wills, be made apparent every now and then. It shall be better for those with less means to be mindful beforehand that they need to attend this Jalsa. If they, through planning and saving, put aside some money or wealth each day or on a monthly basis, then means for their journeys shall be easily available. [It shall be] as if their journey was free. And it shall be better that whoever out of [my] close ones accepts this suggestion, they inform me through writing so that a new list of names of all those be recorded, who, exerting their best efforts and power, pledge for the duration of their lives to attend on the fixed dates and wholeheartedly and with determination visit me, unless such hindrances arise in which travelling no longer remains in one’s power. May Allah grant those who attended the recent Jalsa held on 27 December 1891 after undertaking the difficulties of journey for religious counsel a good reward and grant them a reward for their every step. Amin, Amin.

(Majmua-Ishteharat, Volume 1, Page 302-304) 

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