The Holy Prophet’s life commemorated throughout Canada


Syed Mukarram Nazeer, Canada Correspondent

Edmonton 2

Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Canada celebrated Jalsa Seeratun-Nabisa across Canada during the months of November and December. Speakers highlighted various aspects of the blessed life of Holy Prophetsa.  

Located 80 kilometers north of Baitul Islam Mosque, the city of Barrie’s Maryam Mosque welcomed Ahmadis of Barrie and the surrounding areas.

Missionary of Barrie, Khalid Dawood Sahib gave a speech on humbleness and modesty of Holy Prophetsa, while Professor Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada Abdul Noor Abid Sahib spoke on the obedience of the Holy Prophetsa. The total attendance was 110, despite severe winter conditions, including 25cm of snow.

Saskatoon 1

Over 2,800 kilometres west of Greater Toronto Area, Baitur Rahmat Mosque was the gathering point for Ahmadis of Saskatoon Jamaat. Missionary of Saskatoon, Shakoor Balooch Sahib spoke on the life of Prophet Muhammadsa at home, while Missionary of Lloydminster, Mansoor Azeem Sahib’s topic was on the Holy Prophetsa as the prince of peace. The total attendance was 410.  

3,350 kilometres west of Baitul Islam Mosque, Edmonton Jamaat held its Jalsa Seeratun Nabi at Baitul Hadi mosque. Jalsa was open to the public. A speech on the Prophetsa as the champion of peace was delivered by Dr Wissam Alburaki; the Holy Prophet’ssa message for contemporary times was another speech delivered by the co-founder of Pakistani Canadian Cultural Association of Alberta Asjad Bukhari and the Holy Prophetsa as a role model for mankind was delivered by Missionary of Alberta, Nasir Mahmood Butt Sahib. The total was attendance was 300, with 15 non-Ahmadi guests.  

Toronto 3

Baitun Nur Mosque Calgary, Alberta is located approximately 3,500 kilometres west of Baitul Islam Mosque, Toronto. This was the venue for Calgary Jamaat’s Jalsa Seeratun Nabi. An event was held in English with simultaneous Urdu and Arabic Translation. Topics included the Holy Prophet’ssa trust in Allah, examples from his life by Mirza Qamar Ahmad Sahib, simplicity and contentment exemplified by the Holy Prophetsa by Zaki Ahmad Sahib and the Holy Prophetsa as the most compassionate for the whole world by Missionary of Calgary, Zahid Abid Sahib. The total attendance was 800.  

Baitul Islam Mosque Toronto hosted multiple congregations for various Jamaats of the Greater Toronto Area. These included Peace Village, Vaughan, Toronto and Toronto West Jamaats. Members of the Jamaat attended and learned about various aspects of the life of the Holy Prophetsa. Despite severe winter weather, the events were well attended.

In some Jamaats, Lajna Imaillah Canada held seperate Jalsas on Seeratun Nabi. In Brampton’s Mubarak Mosque, Lajna Flowertown held one such Jalsa. Nasirat recited poems in praise of the Holy Prophetsa. In addition to Lajna, non-Ahmadi female members of local first responders and Pakistani and Indian guests attended. The guests’ attendance was 10, while the total attendance was 125.

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