The Holy Quran presents arguments and proofs by itself


Just observe how the Quran has expounded in its own words and manner this one concept alone – an injunction that is present in the Torah as well – with such clarity and detail, supported by arguments and proofs. This is the very miracle of the Quran, in that it does not leave its follower to depend on anything else, rather makes them independent of all else, by putting forth its own arguments and proofs as well. The Holy Quran has put forth its injunctions along with their reasoning and has furnished sound logic for each and every commandment individually. As such, these are two clear differences between the Torah and the Quran. The former book does not stand by a methodology that encourages rationality and when it makes a claim, one is compelled to search for the arguments themselves. The latter, however, reinforces its claim with arguments of every kind and then presents them as well. It does not force others to believe in the commandments of God, but rather moves them to proclaim with their own mouths that they concede to the truth of its teachings. It does not compel and force others, rather wins them over by its use of subtle argumentation; its commands are accepted instinctively. The addressees of the Torah are a specific group, whereas the addressees of the Quran are all those who shall be born until the end of time. Then tell me how the Quran and Torah can be one and the same and how can there be no need for the Quran after the Torah? When the Quran instructs one to abstain from adultery, it addresses all of humanity; but when the same words are stated by the Torah, its refers to and addresses only the Children of Israel. This also demonstrates the limited scope and unrefined nature of the Torah, but only to one who possesses foresight and a God-fearing heart.

(Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, Malfuzat, Vol. 1, pp. 85-86)

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