The objective of fidya


“Once it occurred to me to ponder the rationale behind the prescription of fidya, and it was revealed to me that it is for the attainment of capability [tawfiq], so that one may be enabled to fast. It is solely the prerogative of Allah the Almighty to confer such capability, and one should seek everything from Him alone. Allah the Almighty alone is the All-Powerful. Should He wish, He could even endow a consumptive person with the strength to fast. Thus, the objective of fidya is precisely to acquire such strength, which comes exclusively through the grace of Allah the Almighty. Therefore, I deem it most appropriate for one to supplicate, ‘O my Lord, this is Your blessed month, and yet I find myself deprived of it. And who knows whether I will be alive next year or if I will be able to make up for these missed fasts.’ If one earnestly implores for the capability, then I am convinced that Allah the Almighty will indeed endow such a heart with strength.”

(Malfuzat [1984], Vol. 4, pp. 258-259)

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