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Hazrat Khalifatul Masih at the UK Ansarullah Ijtema 2019

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Sunday, 15 September, Bordon, Hampshire: Soon after addressing Lajna Imaillah and Nasirat-ul-Ahmadiyya at their final session of the national Ijtema, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa graced the concluding session of Majlis Ansarullah UK’s national Ijtema.

Huzooraa invited Hafiz Tayeb Ahmad Sahib for recitation of the Holy Quran, chapter 3, verse 103 to 105. Dr Azhar Sadiq Sahib was then called to present the English translation of the Quranic verses. 

Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa then instructed the congregation to stand for the pledge, the wording of which was repeated after Huzooraa by all those present and those watching live on MTA International. 

After the Ansar’s pledge, Muhammad Ishaq Sahib was called to the stage to recite an Urdu poem composed by the Promised Messiahas.

Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa invited Sadr Sahib Majlis Ansarullah UK for the Ijtema report. Sadr Sahib thanked Huzooraa for leading the Friday Sermon from the Ijtema Gah for the first time in the history of the UK Jamaat. He also thanked Huzooraa for his constant guidance and kindness towards Majlis Ansarullah UK.

This year, various scholarly speeches were delivered by eminent scholars. Various academic and sports competitions were also held. Several workshops were also conducted, covering topics such as setting up a business, how to protect children from the dangers of the internet, health advice and writing a will. 

This year’s Ijtema’s theme was “The blessings of Khilafat”, a theme followed by all local and regional Ijtemas. 

Following Sadr Sahib’s report, Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa distributed prizes to outstanding majalis – regional and local chapters. 

After reciting Tashahud, Ta‘awuz and Surah al-Fatihah, Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa said that by the grace of Allah, along with the success of the Jamaat in terms of numbers, Majlis Ansarullah is also expanding. However, despite this success, the real analysis Majlis Ansarullah should do is to ask themselves whether they are following the teachings and desires of the Promised Messiahas

Huzooraa said that he quotes the Promised Messiahas on various occasions, often quoting the same extracts, which can result in people questioning why this is done. Huzooraa highlighted that certain teachings require constant reminders and those extracts of the Promised Messiahas are thus read out to remind everyone of their responsibilities and roles. 

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Despite these constant reminders, Huzooraa questioned whether even 40% of people follow the instructions of the Promised Messiahas that are constantly quoted. Huzooraa said that even office-bearers are not properly following these instructions, especially the commandment of Salat. 

It is our examples that the next generation and the youth will follow, Huzooraa said. Therefore, it is essential that every Nasir and every office-bearer self-reflects and sees where he stands. 

Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa then quoted extracts of the Promised Messiahas that highlighted the Promised Messiah’sas desire for his community to follow him practically.  

The Promised Messiahas said that once, a Muslim asked a Jew to accept Islam. The Muslim himself was not following the teachings of Islam and acted immorally. Therefore, the Jew told him to first look at his own state before inviting him to Islam. The Jew told the Muslim that he had a child whose name was Khalid, meaning the one who lives a long time, however the child passed away the very next day after birth. Thus, the Jew said, mere names mean nothing – practical examples are needed.

We claim that we will spread Islam in the world, but what efforts and examples are we showing to prove this? 

The Promised Messiahas said to first reach righteousness and seek the protection of Allah. He said to develop such faith and purity that one delevops a spiritual awe within themselves. The Promised Messiahas also highlighted that those who are Muslim and act immorally defame the name of Islam. They not only cause harm to themselves but also to the name of Islam. It is vital that we do not give others a chance to complain and raise allegations against Islam.

Huzooraa said that the Holy Quran and its commentary are essential for purity and closeness to Allah. The Promised Messiahas said that without action, mere words and desires mean nothing. If we desire to spread the name of Islam we all need to make our actions and words the same. 

Then, the Promised Mesiahas said that he gave these exhortations so that those who have a connection with him may heed and enhance in purity while bringing others towards the light of truth as well.

The Holy Quran testifies that help will be with those who follow Prophet Jesusas, and this same promise was also given to the Promised Messiahas. Therefore, can it be that those who want to be recipients of this promise immerse themselves in immoral deeds and not follow the true teachings of Islam? Certainly not. Only those people will be recipients of this promise who gain closeness to Allah and resist all evil.

We must develop a special connection with Allah. It cannot be that we miss our prayers or due to our work, we shun them.

The Promised Messiahas said, “The path of Taqwa [righteousness] should be followed; Taqwa can be said to be the summary of Shariah.”

How can man desire to achieve righteousness if he misses his prayers? If he does so, he cannot complain if he does not attain closeness to Allah. 

The Holy Quran states that those who achieve righteousness are such that they constantly uphold their prayers and in the end, attain closeness or become close to Allah and reach true success. 

The Promised Messiahas stated that our Jamaat should be more sorrowful and worrisome over whether they have righteousness or not. This worry should overpower all worldly worries and sorrows.

Huzooraa quoted the Promised Messiahas who said that he did not desire for his Jamaat to think of others as lowly or of high rank. Some people show great respect to people with worldly awe, however true greatness is in listening to the poor and weak with humility. According to Allah, the best person is he who is righteous. 

True intellect and insight cannot be achieved without the succour of Allah and righteousness. The Promised Messiahas greatly stressed to deeply ponder over the Holy Quran, as a result of which, one will conclude that Allah did not create this world for no reason. 

The Promised Messiahas exhorted his Jamaat to think, use their understanding and ponder over what is needed – it is true Taqwa that is needed. One should become like a fertile land that soaks in water and flourishes. In the same manner, one should soak heavenly light and become pure. Until there is no striving, one cannot gain closeness to Allah. 

The Promised Messiahas said that 60,000,000 books were published against Islam and the number of Muslims present in India at the time was also 60,000,000. This was the intensity of those attacking Islam. Therefore, a need to transform oneself is essential to battle these constant onslaughts against Islam.

Today, it is not only books that are attacking Islam, rather a plethora of avenues have opened that seek to attack Islam.

The Promised Messiahas said that true bravery and strength is the power to reform oneself morally.

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Quoting the Promised Messiahas, Huzooraa said that one should seek forgiveness before Allah’s punishment is manifested. For this, one should become constant in Tahajud, anger should be shunned and giving to the poor and needy should increase.

The Promised Messiahas said to rise at night and pray before Allah to achieve Taqwa; he said to leave sin and weaknesses. If one does so and also prays, then Allah will bless him and he will witness a change within himself.

Then, with great anguish, the Promised Messiahas said:

“I say it again and my friends should hearken to my words that they are not taken to be mere tales and fables. I have said all these things with true anguish and pure worry that is naturally in my spirit … Remember and believe that we will one day go to Allah.” One should remember that the torment of hell will be extremely tough and painful.

Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa then prayed for all to follow the teachings of the Promised Messiahas, fulfil the Bai‘at in its true sense, become true members of Ansarullah, be the ones who leave a good example for our future generations and gain the pleasure of Allah.

Huzooraa then led the congregation in silent prayer.

After dua, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa announced that the attendance was 3,107 Ansar (a 23% increase from the previous year) and 1,515 guests, giving a total of 4,622 attendees, whereas the total Lajna attendance was 5,822. 

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