The proper time for religious education and training


Another point to bear in mind is that the most appropriate and advisable time for the acquisition of religious education is during the period of childhood. How much can one achieve if they begin to learn the basics of Arabic grammar in old age? Retentive faculties are sharp in childhood. The memory is never as firm in the later stages of one’s life. I remember vividly certain things from my childhood even now, but have forgotten many instances from fifteen years ago. The reason for this is because the imprints of learning in the early stages of life become so finely impressed and deep rooted, due to this being the age in which the faculties are developing, that they can never be erased. However, this is an extensive discussion.

In short, in the practice of education, it ought to be considered and especially remembered that religious education should begin from the very beginning. I have always had a desire and this is the case even now; may Allah fulfil this wish. Observe how your neighbouring nations, such as the Aryas, have given importance to education. They have accumulated hundreds of thousands of rupees, if not more, to construct a magnificent building for a college and its necessities. If the Muslims do not take a keen interest in the education of their children, then they should take heed that a time will come when even their children will be lost to them.

(Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, Malfuzat, Vol. 1, pp 68 – 69)

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