The veiling of faults


The nature of God Almighty in concealing the faults of man is such that despite Him witnessing the sins and faults of human beings, in view of this divine attribute of His, He continues to veil their evil deeds so long as they do not surpass the bounds of moderation. Man, on the other hand, does not even find any real fault in another and begins to raise a clamour. The fact of the matter is that man has little patience, whereas the being of God Almighty is forbearing and merciful. A wrongdoing person will even wrong their own soul. At times, they will lose full sight of the forbearance of God Almighty and as a result, become brazen. It is then that the divine attribute of retribution begins to operate and seizes such a man. The Hindus say that Parmeshwar is averse to “att”, i.e. a thing that is beyond the bounds; that is to say, God dislikes a thing that is in transgression of the limits. However, despite all this, God is so Merciful and Generous that even if a person is steeped in such a state, if they fall at the divine threshold with extreme humility and lowliness, He turns to such a one with His glance of mercy.

In short, just as Allah the Exalted does not immediately take note of our faults, and saves us from disgrace through the blessing of His attribute of veiling faults, we too should not be quick to open our mouths if we notice a fault in someone else, which if disclosed, could cause them dishonour and disgrace.

(Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, Malfuzat, Vol. 2, pp. 20-21)

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