This was the first time a Muslim community participated: Ahmadis preach at Mount Gambier Show, Australia

Monus Shaikh, Secretary Tabligh, Adelaide South

Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Adelaide South had the opportunity to travel to Mount Gambier for a tabligh trip at the Annual Mount Gambier Show. Mount Gambier is the second largest city in South Australia, with a population of around 30,000. This was the first time in their history that any Muslim community participated in their show. 

The Jamaat was blessed that our site was in view of the main road and in front of two main entrances. Whoever entered the show would pass by our message of peace. Even though there was rain on the first day, we were still able to have conversations with many people on various topics of Islam.

On the second day, the weather was a lot more pleasant, and there was a good flow of people who were very intrigued by our stall. There were an estimated 12,000 people who were at the show and saw our message of “Love for all, hatred for none”. 

Two news broadcasters, ABC and Borderwatch Newspaper, also stated they would publish articles about the community’s efforts. We also had the opportunity to meet the member of the federal parliament from Barker, Mr Tony Pasin, who said he knew our community from our efforts at previous stalls. 

The show’s organisers were also very happy to have us at the event and expressed they would love to have us back at the show. 

The Holy Quran exhibition and bookstall was very successful and a total of 59 books were sold or gifted to the visitors, including the Holy Quran with English translation, The Philosophy of the Teachings of IslamLife of MuhammadDistinctive Features of IslamWorld Crisis and the Pathway to Peace, Selected Verses of the Holy QuranSelected Sayings of the Holy Prophetsa and some copies of The Review of Religions

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