Tree-planting session held in Edmonton, Canada

Mariam Agyemang, Edmonton West, Canada

Lajna Imaillah Edmonton, Canada, has started a tree-planting initiative, along with other chapters across Canada. The initiative not only serves as a way for us to contribute to the environment and prevent habitat loss, but it is also a form of sadaqah-e-jariah. One of the six tree species being planted is the Native Larch, which can live as long as 700 years.

The City of Edmonton has a programme called “Root for Trees”, with which the city aims to plant two million trees. Lajna Imaillah Edmonton West, participated in this programme to plant these trees, alhamdulillah.

On 5 July 2023, we were able to plant 109 trees with the help of 19 Lajna members, nasirat, and children. The event also served as a good means for tabligh, as we were able to inform the two leaders from the city, who were guiding the session, about how tree planting connects to Islam.

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  1. Masha’Allah very good activity. There is saying that when the last tree dies, the last man die meaning planting trees elongate our lives. JazakAllah Ahsanal Jaza


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