True gratitude is in adopting righteousness and purity


Your true expression of gratitude is by adopting righteousness and purity. To merely respond by saying Alhamdulillah (all praise belongs to Allah) when asked if you are a Muslim does not constitute thankfulness and appreciation. If you pay true gratitude, i.e. if you tread the ways of purity and righteousness, I give you glad tidings that when you stand at the frontier, as it were, no one can gain dominance over you. I remember that a Hindu head clerk named Jagan Nath, who was a very prejudiced man, mentioned that he was serving as head clerk in Amritsar or some place else and there was an employee—apparently a Hindu— who secretly observed the Islamic Prayer. Jagan Nath says that he along with the other Hindu employees disliked him greatly and all of them decided to have the man dismissed. Jagan Nath says that he harboured the most ill-intent at heart and lodged complaints against the Hindu many times, saying that he had committed this mistake or broken that rule, but no attention would be given to these complaints. He goes on to say: ‘However, we had determined that we would have this man dismissed and in order to succeed in our objective, we had even gathered a list of complaints and from time to time I would present these complaints to the officer in-charge as well. If ever our officer became furious and finally summoned the man, as soon as he appeared before him, his rage would subside just as water puts out a fire. The officer would lightly rebuke him in a very soft manner, as if the employee had committed no mistake at all.’

(Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, Malfuzat, Vol. 1, pp. 75 – 76)

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