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Hundreds of thousands of Syrians are said to have lost their lives in the civil-war, which started off as a revolt against the Syrian government about six-and-a-half years ago. 

A great percentage of these fatalities are said to be of civilians who were not even at war with either of the conflicting camps. 

The problem just doesn’t seem to fade out. Analysts classify it as a civil-war but the situation seems to be that of a full-fledged transnational war with other nations intervening and launching lethal attacks on the land of Syria. 

Western powers, habitually, cash in on such internal conflicts in the name of “peace-making” but what we have witnessed is total chaos resulting in everything but peace. 

The latest conflict has seen a Western superpower launch a missile attack with news channels discussing the devastation it caused; the leader of the superpower, amid all this havoc, tweeted to say “Mission accomplished!” If only launching deadly attacks was the mission, and seeing a country on fire its accomplishment. That way, not much ought to be said about intentions.  

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifaful Masih Vaa, has been drawing the attention of Western superpowers towards their policies that are contributing to the escalation of instability in the already war-torn regions. Huzooraa has not only drawn their attention through his addresses to parliaments and legislative bodies of the Western superpowers, but has also personally written to their heads of state to avoid arousing unrest in the name of creating peace.

Very recently, delivering a Friday Sermon from Basharat Mosque in Spain, Huzooraa again touched upon the topic of the conflict between the Western nations and Russia, where the lands of impoverished countries are being used as battlefields and bear all the devastation. Will they pay heed or will they wait for time to prove the words of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih correct?


Another news that made headlines was that Whetherspoon – a very popular chain of pubs in UK – has terminated all its social media accounts. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts were all instantaneously closed. 


Tim Martin – Chairman of Whetherspoons – thought that social media was doing more harm than good to its users.  

Speaking to the BBC, he said that its damaging effects had led the company to be fed up of any form of social media. “A lot of people are on it for far, far too long. It doesn’t do them any good, it doesn’t do the country any good.”

The multinational giant Unilever had shut down its Facebook page earlier in February. Tesla, too, had decided to steer clear of Facebook, albeit for different reasons.

Psychologists are often seen on media narrating first-hand accounts of dealing with social-media-stricken clients and warning how harmful social media addiction could be for all of us, especially the youth. 

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa has been drawing our attention to the social vices and ill effects that come from it time and again. Huzoor himself is a great advocate of using technology to its best and for the best, but being the greatest advocate and best exemplar of Islamic teachings, he reiterates that a balance be observed.

Where most of one’s waking hours and conscious mind are indulged in social media, one should quickly come to the realisation that what started off as a hobby has now developed into a habit and is quickly transforming into an addiction. Once addicted, it is hard to withdraw.

Be it as a personal hobby or for business reasons, we as Ahmadis must bear in mind the guidelines given to us by our beloved Imam, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa, may Allah always strengthen his hand.

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