What are the Islamic rites concerning stillborn children?


Someone wrote to Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih Vaa and asked some questions concerning the stillbirth of their daughter. In a letter dated 20 February 2020, Huzooraa gave the following reply to those questions: 

“Placing a picture of a stillborn baby girl at home is likely to cause you more pain. Moreover, since the girl is stillborn, it may be that her photo is not that clear and may even frighten other children. Thus, there is no need to hang up a picture of the girl at home or to keep it on you.

“Stillborn babies are usually not given a ghusl [bath], nor is a janazah [funeral prayer] performed for them. However, there is nothing wrong with a parent doing so for the satisfaction of their own hearts.

“As far as visiting the grave every day is concerned, if you can maintain your patience as you visit the grave of the baby girl and visiting the graveyard does not cause any discomfort to you or the rest of your family, then there is no harm in visiting the graveyard to pray for a few days. However, if going there has a bad effect on your health and causes you to lose patience, then instead of visiting the graveyard every day, stay at home and pray. 

“Remember that the girl was actually a trust from Allah the Exalted which He had given you for a certain amount of time and when that time was over, He took it back. Therefore, you should consider this to be the will of Allah the Exalted and show patience.”

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