What is the Ahmadiyya view on female prisoners of war?


Someone mentioned the issue of physical relationships with female prisoners of war to Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih Vaa and requested guidance on the issue.

In his letter dated 15 February 2021, Huzooraa replied as follows: 

“Following the cruel actions of the enemies of Islam since its early days, Islam ultimately allowed for [defensive] wars, as a result of which, along with other spoils, the women of the enemy also came under the control of the Muslims as female prisoners of war. In light of some verses of Surah al-Nisa, my position is that conjugal relations could be established with those female prisoners of war only through nikah. Nevertheless, their consent was not required for this marriage, nor did this marriage affect the permission for a man to rightfully marry up to four women.

“You have mentioned your position on the issue of such female prisoners of war. As I wrote in my first reply (which has been published in [Al Hakam under] Answers to Everyday Issues, episodes IV & V), there are different views on this issue; Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IVrh was of the view that a nikah with such female prisoners of war was not necessary, while both types of positions are proven from Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IIra

“In any case, whether a nikah used to take place or not, whatever method existed, everyone agrees that if such a female prisoner of war had a child, she would get the status of umm al-walad in the life of her master, which meant that the master could neither sell her nor give her to anyone else and after the death of the master such a woman would get full rights of freedom and she would be completely free. […]”

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