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The last 15 years have witnessed the remarkable progress of the Jamaat. This progress is a continuation of the advancement that the world has witnessed since the time of the Promised Messiahas and during the time of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya. 

Ever since Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaa was elevated by Allah the Almighty to the status of Khalifatul Masih, he has dedicated every single moment of his time to improve the declining situation of the world that we live in.

Here in the Markaz, we have seen numerous persons from various walks of life visiting Huzooraa to seek guidance in a variety of matters. Politicians, bureaucrats, writers, journalists and intellectuals take pride in seeking Huzoor’s guidance. 


On a regular basis, Huzoor a.a. takes time out of his schedule to personally meet guests

Having attended events where Huzooraa spoke about the teachings of Islam and how they could be understood in the wake of contemporary situations, politicians have requested audiences with Huzooraa to know more. Those who are fortunate to be granted audience, express how they now see a new face of Islam that they were not familiar with before. They truly appreciate the beauty of Islam as shown to them by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa.

Journalists of high esteem have requested interviews both here in London and when Huzooraa is abroad. LBC, CBC, The Guardian, The Times, Newsweek and other esteemed media outlets have interviewed Huzooraa and have taken it as a great honour to have spoken to him. When most people are seen nervous facing journalists, there have been journalists who found themselves nervous in speaking to a person of such high stature. 

Historians, social scientists, researchers, philosophers and intellectuals have made it a point to sign and present their publications to Huzooraa

It is faith-inspiring to learn that an atheist comes to see Huzooraa and has the chance to speak to Huzooraa, sometimes not even about the existence of God but about general matters. He goes back and writes that for the first time in his life had he thought about seriously considering the existence of God and revisiting his belief (or disbelief). That gentleman, after only one audience with Huzooraa, has constantly written to Huzooraa for prayers. 

When asked what makes him write for prayers when he doesn’t even believe in God, his reply was simply awe-inspiring: “I never believed in God but I have felt the acceptance of his prayer.”

Then there is an English lady, who was brought up in a staunch Christian family, later turned atheist and presently turning to spirituality She had the good fortunate of having audience with Huzooraa. The first thing she said when she came out was, “I never knew that still there are people that make you feel like believing in God.”

A writer was in audience with Huzooraa seeking advice on a certain matter. Huzooraa gifted this writer a pen. The writer called after many months to say that he uses the pen very carefully as he does not want it to ever run out. 

When people who are not even Ahmadis, or not even Muslims for that matter, feel so lucky to even just know Huzooraa, how grateful should we be to Allah for being so blessed with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih. 

He is everything to us. The writer is protective of a pen that he got from Huzoor; we, too, have a lot to be extremely protective and proud of.

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