Why did God not state everything in absolutely unambiguous terms?


Someone wrote to Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa and asked as to why Allah the Exalted had said complicated things in the holy scriptures instead of stating everything in simple and clear terms, even though He knew that this would later cause disputes.

Huzooraa, in a letter dated 4 February 2020, gave the following reply:

“The fact is that trials are a prerequisite for a high level of faith. That is why in the beginning verses of Surah al-Baqarah, one of the signs of the righteous who are guided and successful is that they believe in the ‘unseen’. Therefore, faith is always only beneficial if there is an aspect of concealment in it so that the difference between a believer and a non-believer can become clear.

“The Promised Messiahas, while stating the wisdom behind this concealment, said:

“‘In a prophecy, it is also necessary to have some degree of concealment and matters that are susceptible of different interpretations. That has always been the Way of God […] Had the prophecies about the Holy Prophetsa, which are mentioned in the Torah and the Gospel, been stated in absolutely unambiguous terms […], then the Jews could not have refused to believe in him. However, God tests His servants to see who among them is righteous and recognises the truth by its signs and believes in it.’ (Malfuzat [Urdu], Vol. 9, pp. 283, Edition 1984)”

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