Why does Allah love odd numbers (witr)?


A lady asked Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih Vaa, “Why does Allah the Exalted like odd numbers? […]”

Huzoor-e-Anwaraa replied: 

“The answer to your first question is also stated in a hadith, namely that since Allah is One and the digit of one (1) is odd, therefore Allah likes odd numbers. Hence, it is narrated by Hazrat Abu Hurairahra that the Holy Prophetsa said: 

إِنَّ‭ ‬اللّٰه‭ ‬وِتْرٌ‭ ‬يُحِبُّ‭ ‬الْوِتْرَ

“‘Verily, Allah is One [witr] and He loves witr.’ (Sahih Muslim, Kitab az-zikri wa d-du‘a’i wa t-tawbati wa l-’istighfar, Bab fi ’asma’i-llahi ta‘ala wa fadli mun ’ahsaha)

“Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra elaborates on this subject in the following manner: 

“‘We observe this in Allah’s law that He likes odd-numbered things.  The Holy Prophetsa always used to say that Allah loves odd-numbered things. He Himself is One and He likes things that are odd-numbered. Hence, we see this wisdom everywhere.  However, this is a separate and vast subject which cannot be explained at this time. Otherwise, the fact is that Allah the Exalted has established singularity in all the laws of nature: It dominates every one of His laws. We also learn from the idioms of the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophetsa that the number seven is particularly associated with perfection. Hence, it is mentioned in the Holy Quran that Allah the Exalted created the world in seven days. Similarly, there are seven periods of human spiritual development. Then, for the heavens too, the phrase سبع‭ ‬سموات [seven heavens] appears in the Holy Quran, which is an odd number. So, the odd number has special wisdom in the sight of Allah the Exalted and we see its demonstration in all the laws of nature.’ (Daily Al Fazl, Qadian Dar al-Aman, 7 April 1939, p. 5) […]”

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