Why does modern philosophy give rise to irreligiousness?


“The Promised Messiahas posed the question, ‘Why does present-day philosophy incline the dispositions of people towards irreligiousness?’ Master Ghulam Muhammad Sahib of Sialkot said, ‘In actuality, those natures which are already disposed to irreligiousness are the ones that are influenced by this philosophy. Often, there are many renowned priests who are inclined to philosophy yet they adhere firmly to their faith.’

“The Promised Messiahas said, ‘After reflecting on these matters, sadly, one’s mind is diverted to another issue. On the one hand, these reverends teach philosophy and logic in schools and colleges, yet on the other hand, they believe the Messiah to be the son of God and in fact God himself; they subscribe to doctrines such as the trinity, etc. One cannot fathom how such beliefs can be reconciled with philosophy. Western logic is based on induction. Then by what sort of inductive reasoning is it established that Christ is the son of God? What string of argumentation would they formulate? They would probably assert that individuals who possess the following characteristics are either God or sons of God, and since these attributes were present in the Messiah, he too was God or the son of God. However, such reasoning in this context is absolutely impossible, as this would necessitate plurality. Whenever I reflect over this issue, my astonishment only increases. I do not understand how these people fail to realise this fact.

“‘The pure principles of Islam are not ones which fail to prove themselves any less than perfect when judged against the yardstick of philosophy and inductive reasoning. In fact, I have contemplated many a time that it is stated about the Holy Quran: فِىْ كِتَٰبٍ مَّكْنُوْنٍ, i.e. this well preserved book is hidden in the heaven and earth. All people do not have it within them to recite this book; however, the Holy Quran is a reflection of that book which is hidden in the heaven and earth. The Quran has shown a manifestation of that God to which the heaven and earth bear witness. But on what testimony and evidence has this self-crafted, fabricated and dead God of 1900 years been deified?

“‘Hence, it is an excellence of Islam alone and a means of pride for the Noble Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, that he brought such a religion which has existed since time immemorial and whose teaching is evidently present in even the pages of the heaven and earth, as it were.’”

(Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, Malfuzat, Vol. 1, pp. 270-271)

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