Zamelah: A short story by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq


A short story written by Hazrat Mufti Muahmmad Sadiq, companion of the Promised Messiahas and the first missionary sent to America.

The story is centred around a person named Trula, a spiritually enlightened man living in solitude. His journey for a rare Diamond leads to a realisation that true satisfaction and protection comes from trusting in Allah, which in turn brings him profound contentment.


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High up on the hills, where the air is constantly pure and clean, and the atmosphere marked by the peaceful repose, near the heavens serene, there used to live Trula, a man of sincere prayers, honest motives, genuine simplicity, deep meditations and profound seclusions. He was within the people serving them, yet he was separate from all. He talked to all and cheered their hearts, yet he seemed to have talked to none. All were friendly to him but no one did know his inward mystery. “Love God and His people” was his motto. “Do good to all and look for no returns,” was his advice to those who came in touch with him. “Justice is good but forgiveness is better” was one of his sayings.


Thus passed day after day, and week after week in his good work, till one day, thinking deep in his mind he felt a desire in the heart of his heart, of securing and possessing a real Jewel, a precious gem, a natural charm to protect him in his goodness, a brilliant Diamond of a rare quality, something marvellously true and miraculously substantial, but spontaneously natural to keep company with him all the time and to show him light in the hours of darkness.


So in quest of his object of desire he started from his mountain home and walked far away into the deep valleys. He wandered East and he wandered West. He searched during the day and he searched during the night. He watched in the light and he groped in the dark. He examined carefully each stone he came across. He ascended high up the steep hills and descended deep down into the dark pits. He investigated in the dangerous Craters, roamed around through the dense woods, and travelled over the sand deserts, always praying to Allah to help him in his search. “God Almighty, guide us on the right path-the path of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy favours.”


At last he succeeded and found a real gem—a genuine Diamond. 

He gets who strives.

He picked it up thankfully or we should say he was picked up by the Diamond helpfully, and he became so happy with it that filled with extreme joy he shed his tears profusely. And he named the diamond zâ-me-lah, because, he said, this will be my companion and will keep me in balance spiritually and materially.

He looked at the Diamond and then he looked towards heaven. In the ecstasy of his emotions he did not know whether it was reality or only a dream. The gift was magnificently great and splendidly grand and he modestly doubted whether he was worthy of possessing such an illustrious rarity. He had it, but would it stay with him all the time? Was he strong enough to hold it constantly? Such were the doubts that worried his mind. So he turned again towards God to offer a Prayer.



God Almighty and Gracious, Thou hast granted me a precious Jewel, a priceless Diamond–It was not in my power to search it out – although it was the desire of my heart to have it. Thou knowest the secrets of heavens and in the deeps of the earth there is nothing secret from Thee. All the treasures originally belong to Thee, and Thou givest to whom Thou pleasest. When Thou givest to anyone, no one can take it away from him, but if Thou dost not give to one, no one can give him.

Here is this darling Gift from Thee to me—Thy servant, O Lord. Praised be Thy Name and glorified, in Heavens and earth and everywhere. All Majesty, Glory, Power, Judgment and Will, all is Thine and Thine alone.

But, my Lord, Thou knowest I am a weak person. I have no powers. I keep no iron-safes and build no strong buildings to keep such things safe out of the reach of thieves, robbers, burglars and holdup rough people. How will I protect it and where will I keep it. May be a thief comes in and steals it away from me, leaving me behind to cry and weep all my life (God forbid it). My All-seeing, All-power, All-might and my All in All-Thou art my Castle, Thou art my Safe. I beseech Thee to be my Protector, my Preserver, and Protector and Preserver of my Diamond and all that is mine. There is no protection but from Thee and there is no refuge but in Thee. I trust in Thee. I hope in Thy Grace. I live in Thy forgiveness. Almighty and Everlasting God, uphold and strengthen us. Thou art our keeper and Defender and our Castle. Deliver me for Thy mercy’s sake, out of all agony and grief and give me truthful joy, sincere merry, quiet and happy conscience.

Shower Thy blessings on Thy Prophets, Saints and all Moslems.

Help me, O my God, for the glory of Thy Name.


A voice came from within into Trula’s mind. Trust in Allah, He gave this to you and He will protect it for you. Put Thy confidence in Him. He is sufficient. He is dependable. He is the constant friend.

Thus became Trula’s heart light and full with joyful satisfaction. Glory be to Allah, Our Granter and Protector, here, there and everywhere –Amen.

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